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              WHO ARE WE

              We are Guangdong LONON

              • LED Lighting Product Licensor of World Top 500 Honeywell Group
              • Professional manufacturer of building electric products in China (28 years of experience)
              • Building electrics production base with big scale in China
              • Construction Electrical Appliances Enterprises with Complete Product Line in China
              • Building electrics manufacturer realizing internationalization early in China
              • Building electrics manufacturer getting involved in sports marketing and advertising in the World Cup in China
              • Wal-Mart Energy Transformation Global Strategic Partner, LED Lighting Supplier

              Guangdong LONON Electric Co., Ltd. Founded in 1991, LONON has developed into one of the leading brands in the industry. The company is located in the hinterland of the Pearl River Delta - Xiaolan Town of Zhongshan City. Its comfortable and safe working environment has attracted many people with lofty ideals to join in and contribute to the innovation and development of industries such as electric, lighting, ventilation, smart home applications and so on.

              Since the establishment, LONON has established a stable and cutting-edge corporate image and reputation in the industry and market with its pragmatic and progressive style. LONON products are widely used in commercial buildings, houses, villas, schools, hospitals and ordinary people's home decoration.

              At the beginning of the 21st century, LONON and Honeywell of the United States reached the strategic cooperation agreement to integrate the superior resources of both parties to provide LED lighting and electric solutions for world-class enterprises such as Wal-Mart, Goodyear, Emerson, Yum, Hafei and Shanghai Metro. Through the joint venture, LONON has experienced a high-executive team, learned advanced management concepts, and accumulated rich management experience.

              In 2014, LONON completed its business restructuring and focused on the development of "LONSIN Switch, Honeywell" and "LONON" lighting businesses, and actively promoted sales in traditional channels, engineering and networks. In 2018, LONON stood at the cusp of historical turning point once again and signed strategic cooperation with Alibaba Export Platform to expand overseas markets and sell its products to all parts of the world.

              Looking into the future, LONON will focus on the world, layout a new era, and provide the safer, more comfortable, more energy-efficient and more innovative smart home living environment for every corner of the world, and strive to create a fast-growing and innovation-oriented high-tech enterprise with business covering all around the world.