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Three performance advantages of spring cone crusher

Into twenty-first Century, the rapid development of the world economy, all industries are also in constant innovation and development. With the continuous improvement of the quality of ore crushing, the manufacturers of the crusher and crusher manufacturers have to improve the quality and performance of the crusher. Crushing machine in the field of competition is very intense, high quality and high performance of the crusher machine is all ore crushing enterprise and user needs of, spring cone crushing machine at this time come to the fore, because of its obvious advantages. A, spring cone crusher for a relatively wide range, which are widely used in mining industry, metallurgy industry, building industry, road construction industry, chemical industry and silicate industry for crushing hard and hard ores and rocks, such as iron ore, limestone, copper ore, quartz, granite, sandstone. And it can also be applied to the size of a variety of materials, which is closely related to the crushing chamber. Each type of machine is equipped with a variety of crushing chamber can choose to use, so that it can easily adjust the size of the product, and can be used to break, break or can be selected. Two, spring cone crusher ore production output is relatively large. Spring cone crusher can produce more products at the same time and the same power consumption. This is because it in the work of the moving cone is continuously rotated. This ensures that the time gap in the crushing materials, grinding materials process and crusher discharging the material in the same work surface continuously, and effectively increased crusher production, but also to ensure that the quality requirements. Three, spring cone crusher in use is not easy to be damaged, so greatly save the cost of the repair of the broken machine and the cost of re purchase of machinery. This is because the spring cone crushing machine, spring insurance system played a significant role, when outside the hardness of materials with larger access to the machine, the device can start the overload protection, so as to avoid damage to the machine. In addition, the crusher is working in a harsh environment, which inevitably will allow the lubricating oil contaminated, and the spring cone broken machine is applied dry oil and water two sealing mode, so it largely in isolation powder with lubricant contact, avoid the contaminated lubricant, which can guarantee the crusher can work longer without damage, which makes the favored by stone enterprises and users.

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