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Industrial 4 strategy for China is the right time

April 21st, industry 4 and the creation of the theme will be held in china. This will be organized by the China highway society academic department, China highway society science and technology achievements promotion center, Hunan three one Road Machinery Co., ltd..

From the meeting was informed that the China's development strategy is "to promote the fusion of informatization and industrialization depth", in a new generation of mobile communication, integrated circuit, big data, advanced manufacturing, new energy, new materials and other catch up with and surpass the advanced and lead the future development of the industry. This is in agreement with the industry's future development trend of the manufacturing industry in 4.

China's manufacturing industry has occupied the global manufacturing industry, 20% of the proportion, but big and not strong, China needs to a higher level of innovation to promote the development, industrial 4.0 strategy of China proper meantime, helpful to China's great leap forward development, economies in transition face all sorts of problems to solve.

In Chinese enterprises out to Chinese products go out in the process, the Hunan Sany Road Machinery Co., Ltd. is a typical representative, a series of new products and technological innovation always guide the direction of the development of the industry, represents the level of China's manufacturing technology and products. The company attaches great importance to the impact of industrial 4 on the Chinese manufacturing industry, and the Chinese road society to jointly organized the theme will be held.

By 2015, China Institute of highway planning professional organizations related to the conference, this to carry out more in-depth exchanges and explore, in order to promote in the tide of industrial 4.0, road machinery in our country manufacturing industry, the scientific development.

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