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Equipment manufacturing industry to the financial new deal landing a hundred billion market to be excavated

Yesterday from the Ministry of industry and information, recently, the Ministry of industry and the United China Import and Export Bank jointly issued a document for the equipment manufacturing enterprises to export and overall "go out" to provide financial support.

The industry believes that in the "along the way" global war, the export of equipment manufacturing is huge, the listing Corporation is expected to seize the historical opportunity.

Ministry of industry, China Import and Export Bank jointly issued the "about increased financing of major technical equipment support of a number of opinions" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions") clearly put forward in the innovative financial products and financing service modes, to provide enterprises with diversified and personalized financing services, support export products and enterprises "going out".

Support including specific projects, direct export of major technical equipment project and by way of project contracting indirectly driven projects of major technical equipment exports; of major technical equipment manufacturing enterprises in the construction and production of overseas manufacturing base and R & D center, product sales center, service in heart, as well as the acquisition of overseas enterprises.

Policy on the equipment manufacturing industry, care is not surprising. Since the second half of 2014, the government has pointed out a clear direction for the development of the equipment manufacturing industry.

From the sale of China's high-speed rail, China's nuclear power to sell Chinese equipment, Li Keqiang prime minister has been committed to promoting the production of equipment manufacturing industry to go out".

Policy support to stimulate the enthusiasm of the layout of the listing Corporation

Liyuan refined December 2014 disclosed plans to increase fixed, develop additional fund-raising 30 million, all for the "rail vehicle manufacturing and aluminum deep processing project". The project is beneficial to improve the company's independent innovation ability, and further enhance the company's comprehensive strength and competitiveness of domestic and international market.

As a representative of the field of engineering machinery, ZOOMLION will not miss this opportunity. Earlier, ZOOMLION and China Railway Construction PMB and other large construction units signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

Zoomlion is in charge of the overseas business of senior vice president Zhang Jianguo said that the company and the numerous prefix in large-scale construction enterprise has maintained a close working relationship, they are the main force of the building along the way. ZOOMLION has done a good job in the domestic and international market resources to better follow them to go out.

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