Sunday, September 23, 2018

WhatsApp Update: New Features Added to Whatsapp App

Whatsapp latest features 2018

Since the introduction of Whatsapp in 2013, the platform has been constantly changing from one form to another, which has made it attract more than 200 million users worldwide.

Whatsapp has officially revealed a new feature in 2018 which has made the platform more interesting and engaging.

The WhatsApp platform has released the most recent features which include Dark Mode, Swipe to reply your messages, Message for wording to not more than 20 people in your contact.

WhatsApp, which is one of the most-used instant messaging platforms with more than 200 million users has officially revealed features in 2018, which makes the platform even more engaging to use.


With this feature, it becomes very easy for you to reply your messages without passing through the stress of tapping the message box, jet with a little finger gesture on your screen will open the reply message box for you.

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initially, this feature was only accessible for iOS users, BUT recently, WhatsApp has found it interesting to include it on android versions of WhatsApp which will make a reply of messages very easy and simple.

This feature is however still under test by WhatsApp but any moment from now, it will be officially released to WhatsApp android.

Whatsapp dark mode

WhatsApp is additionally working on Dark Mode feature for both Android and iOS, which will help decrease strain on user’s eyes while using the application in dim light, or at night, and will likewise help monitor battery.

  • However, there’s no official word from the company on when this feature will become a part of WhatsApp latest update, but we anticipate that this feature will be taken off soon.

The platform continues including new features for groups. WhatsApp as of late included a feature that gives more powers to administrators to manage individuals from the group.

With this feature, administrators get the privilege to choose who can send messages to the group.

  • However, this doesn’t imply that they wouldn’t have the capacity to read the messages exchanged in the group. 
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To use this feature, head towards group settings and then to the ‘send messages’ option. With this WhatsApp latest update, administrators of groups get two choices — ‘all participants’ or ‘only admins‘ can take part in the group.

This feature has already been made available for both Android and iOS users.

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