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Reasons why All Samsung Phones User should be careful

All samsung phones

A man was so lucky to escape death due to the fact he was not with his samsung phones when the event that would have took his life occurred. Recounting the event, the User tagged himself as a “Lucky man”

According to the Samsung Phone user who shared the information on his twitter handle warned all samsung phones user to be careful with the type of phone they are using.

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Explaining how the event happened the user thanked God that the phone was not with him as of the time it happened if not maybe by now only God knows what would have happened.

Read his tweets below ;

Hello. Here is my S7edge dous sim that exploded last night without being plugged to electricity. Now let’s imagine I had this phone in my pocket or on my chest before the incident, it would have practically damaged my body

I had to deep this phone inside a bucket of water to stop the explosion. We have to be very careful with this gadget especially when we have kids around”

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