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How To Get Free Hulu Account |A step by step Guide



Do you want to get a free Hulu account? Then worry no more. In this article we will be examining a few proven methods of getting a free Hulu account.

Free Hulu Account

Hulu offers an amazing video streaming service across a variety of categories, who wouldn’t want a free Hulu account?

What is Hulu?

Just incase you are hearing about Hulu for the first time, Hulu is an american streaming site that is similar to netflix that enables you to watch TV shows and live TV online . Hulu was founded on march 2007 by Jason Kilar, Beth Comstock, Mike Lang, Jean-Briac Perrette.

Its headquarters is situated at Santa Monica, California, United States . Without doubts we can say that netflix and hulu are the best TV streaming sites in america.

Hulu gets it’s video content from some of the best movie brands around the world such as Disney, Disney, FOX, Sony Pictures, ABC, CW, A & E, Comedy Central, Univision, Lionsgate, TED and Warner Bros. Normaly, Hulu’s subscription fees range from $11.99 to $33.99 monthly. But you don’t have to pay when you can get a free Hulu account

How To Get Your Free Hulu Account

In this section, we will be highlighting the various ways of getting your free Hulu account. Read and follow all the layers out step-by-step instructions and tou will be sure to come out with positive results. Let’s begin.

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Method 1 – Free Hulu Trial Account (Without Credit Card Info)
Follow the following steps to claim your free Hulu account on a trail period of 30 days.

  • Step 1 First you have to pay a visit to the official Hulu website and click on the “start free trail” link.
  • Step 2:One the next page, you will be presented with 3 plans. Click on any plan and fill in your details to activate the plan.
  • Step 3:You can complete the registration process by clicking on the ‘’Express Options’’, then select your payment option as PayPal (Don’t worry you can remove it later). Or you can also put in your card details (which we can also cancel later) and the process will still be approved.
  • Step 4:Congratulations! You now have a free Hulu account. Fell free to surf and stream all your favorite movies and series.

Method 2 – Get A  Hulu Account Using Nulled.to

Nulled.to is a platform that offers its users with free account details of various subscription sites. With the platform, you could easily find free Hulu account login details . Follow the following steps very carefully to get your free Hulu account.

  • Step 1: First, you have to go to nulled.to. When you reach the home page, register to get an account. Its services are only available to registered users.
    Step 2: Alfter successfully completing the registration process, log into the forum and looks for the “leaks” option.
    Step 3: When the leaks page opens, click on “movie watching sites dump” option and click on it.
    Step 4: On the next page, you will see a page a long list of movie dumps and you need to click on Movie dumps related to Hulu.
  • Step 5: When you do this, hidden content boxes will only be visible when you type and post something related to that Free Hulu account.
  • Step 6: After typing any keys you will be taken to the second page but you need to go back on page 1 to see a long list of usernames and passwords that can five you access to a  Hulu account.
  • Step 7: Now you just need to try these free account credentials basically for free. All you have to do is take each account detail for a spin and see which I still working.
  • Step 8: Take these details to hulu.com and keep trying them out. When you get one that works, a you have to do is tailor video preferences to your taste and enjoy your  Hulu account subscription.

Method 3 – Get A Free Hulu Account Using The “Edit This Cookie” Extension

In this method, we will teach you how to use a simple browser extension to access a free Hulu account. Just follow the these simple steps.

  • Step 1: First, you need to launch your browser, (preferably a chrome browser) then go to the more Tools> and click on the “Extensions” option.
  • Step 2: When the “Extensions” page loads up, click on “chrome web store” option on the same page.
  • Step 3: Type-in the “Edit This Cookie” in the search field and find the extension.
  • Step 4: Wait of the page to load up. When it does, you will be presented with a list of plugin extensions. Scroll down the list until tou find it. When you do, add this extension to your chrome browser.
  • Step 5: Now that you have added the extension, there is one more step to complete. To move on, visit jaguartrials.net where the process will continue. When you visit the site, type & search Hulu in the search bar of jaguartrials.net and wait until the page is fully loaded.
  • Step 6: Then click on the “Show Cookie” Option. Next, you need to copy the generated characters that pop-up.
  • Step 7: Move to Hulu.com and click on your newly added cookie icon on your browser, and then select import. Remember those generated character you copied earlier? All you have to do now is paste the characters and click on the checkbox & click on import.
  • Step 8: The page should be refreshed a few times, after this, you will be automatically redirected to your new and free Hulu account.

FINALLY: Streaming movies on Hulu is an amazing experience that we believe you should enjoy without working about the cost. Carefully following all the various step-by-step methods listed in this article, you should be able to set up or claim your free Hulu account at no cost.

We would love to hear about your experiences with this platform and also entertain your questions. Reach out to us by dropping a comment and provide a solution for others by sharing this post.


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