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Mothers Day: “I love my mum, without her and God I am nothing”

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Mothers Day celebration: The elder brother to a popular Nigeria musician Adewale Adeleke has through his twitter handle celebrated his mum.

Adewale Adeleke noted that “if not for my mum i don’t know where i would have been by now”

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He also urged Nigerian youth to learn how to appreciate their mothers during mothers day not just by mouth but they should also learn to show them love and kindness because they first shewed love to them”

According to Adeleke he said “Happy Mothers day to all the beautiful intelligent women out there. My mum is my woman and my woman is my guardian angel without her I don’t know where I would have been today.”

“I thank God for the mum He gave me, I love you mum. May God keep you for us . Amen”

The important of mother in a family is great. They care, and they tolerate. If your mother is alive please always learn to celebrate her cause you have some thing that money cannot buy for you.

If you mum is alive can you comment with the word “i love you mum”

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