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Now Is The Time For You To Know The Truth About Weight Loss Drinks.

weight loss drinks
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Weight loss drinks are very essential to everyone who wishes to lose weight, in this article I will be revealing to you some hidden truth about weight loss drinks and also list for you some common or local drinks you can take to lose weight.

Honestly, losing weight is can be fantastic if combined with some effective weight loss meal. Some weight loss meal can last for up to 30 days while there are some that only last for 20 days to whichever one you choose to follow it should be done with some weight loss drinks.

Before embarking on a weight loss meal Plan let first of all understand what weight loss drinks are all about and some related terms.


Weight loss drinks are some herbal drinks that help an individual to lose some tons of weight.

Have you ever visited a chemist store to purchase some drugs, as you enter the store you saw a weight machine then decide to check your weight? still standing on the weight machine to see your weight value, you saw  85 or 100 OMG. assuming you are 20 to 40 years of age with such kind of value, my dear YOU ARE OVERWEIGHT, you need to lose some weight.

Below is a list of some recommended drinks for effective weight loss but also remember to add it with some exercises which will also be listed below for you.

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Best Weight Loss Drinks and their hidden secrets


Water is an essential element which God has blessed the universe with, water is used virtually in all aspect of life. drinking water is very important as it helps you balance some chemical, hormonal reactions occurring inside your body.

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Generally, Medical expert has recommended drinking water on a regular basis but not too frequent. You can ask what is the best way of drinking water? the answer is, the best way of drinking water is for you to respond to your thirst.

Whenever you feel the thirst of water does not hesitate to drink it because at that moment your body is in need of it.


colon cleanser

Colon cleanser is a herbal product from Kedi Healthcare. This herbal drink is very effective in burning excess fat in the body thereby, decrease the weight of the person.


Ginger tea is prepared by mixing some powdered ginger into a glass of hot water. this kind of tea is best when mixed with lemon juice as it has been proven to cure nausea and some other digestive disorder.ginger tea

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Taking in ginger tea helps to decrease appetite and therefore boost energy. this drink contains vitamin c and magnesium which helps to burn fat.

It also helps to boost the immune system of the body.


Green tea is another kind of weight loss drinks an individual can take in order to lose weight. This tea contains little amount of caffeine which helps to burn fat.green tea for weight loss

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According to research conducted by Canadian Pharmacists, they found out that green tea burns fat effectively without any side effect.

During the research, the Canadian pharmacists selected at random 50 men and later separated them into two. The first 25 were given green tea early in the morning while the other 25 were not given any tea. At the end of the research, the Canadia Pharmacists discovered that those who drank the green tea lost an excessive amount of weight while those not offered green tea did not lose any weight.

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The essential ingredient in green tea which makes it effective in losing weight is epigallocatechin gallate also known as EGCG. this EGCG works by increasing the body temperature thereby burning stored fats in the body.

The hidden truth of green tea is that contains some powerful antioxidants which can help find cancerous cells and also kill some free radicals in the body.

An antioxidant linked with weight loss in green tea is L-theanine, these antioxidant work by decreasing caffeine absorption in the intestine of an individual.

People who drink green tea on a regular basis tend to have low cardiovascular disease ratio, low sugar level and low blood pressure.


Black tea is another weight loss drink, although, it is not common in some Africa countries like Nigeria and Ghana but can be purchased in some fruit stores.

This tea is effective in burning stubborn belly fats and also contain some antioxidant that is very beneficial to your health.

Drinking a cup of black tea in the morning can make you feel full and very energetic and good to go for daily activities.

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Comparing Black tea with green tea, it was discovered that black tea contains a higher quality of polyphenols which flavonoid in the family of polyphenol.

The flavonoid in the black tea helps to burn body fats that are stored the body thereby increase metabolic activities of the body.


Black coffee is the most effective weight loss drink as it contains most of the fat burning ingredients. A glass cup of black tea contains two times the value of caffeine when compared with other weight loss drinks.black tea

Caffeine helps to burn off stored fats in the body, most times it converts stored fats into energy to be used up by the body.

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Drinking a glass black coffee drink early in the morning can help you reduce calorie intake.

According to a research work published in a journal, stated that obesity patients that danks at least 6 milligrams of caffeine early in the morning ate lesser calorie during the day.


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