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Indecency: Pregnant Female Pastor dress badly to church


A female nigerian pastor has been insulted on social media for dressing roughly to church.

According to report by our correspondent who noted that the pastor wife did not do well by dressing indecently to service knowing fully well that she need to be an example to fellow Christians.

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The photo of the pastors wife known as Shantelle Jepchumba which has gone viral on social media stirred up reactions by most interneng users.

According to Maria Ondiso ‘woman of God’ exposed too much of her thighs, that could lead to moral decay and sexual harassment of her congregants.

” Waah, all fake, how do you go to church dressed that way, on the pulpit”

However, other Internet users who believed that the pastors wife did well by dressing the way she felt like to dress because of wee are in the modernized world 🌏.

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“She’s just ok. I can’t see any problem with her. You said Owuor’s follower puts on magunia…let her wear that’s her dress choice,” said Lilian Engesia.

“We are aware of the devils’ tricks to bring down the church of Christ. Even if that lady was in a club, social media will attach church, give titles to her as a pastor to make the world not believe in the gospel.

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