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7 Layers Sanitary pad for every woman


this is 7 layers sanitary pad a good and well proven effective pad for ladies

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This is kedi 7 Layers sanitary pad. This pad has been resolving a lot of gynaecological problems in women.

Its highly herbal in nature. Very effective in resolving painful menstruation and correction of irregular menstruation.

As the name sounds, it has seven layers in each pad, yet ,its so flat that a woman hardly notices that she is on pad while menstruating. All our first time users, today, have referred their Friends to us after experiencing the effect of this pad.

After wearing this pad withing 2 min, a woman feels its menthol feeling right in her private part. This men tho feeling is made to eradicate odour, bacteria, itching, etc plus a cooling sensation during flow.

The magnetic ion is there to ease flow and to make sure, that all the bad blood goes out during menstruation , there by inhabit the onset of mayoma or fibroid.

Ordinary sanitary pad is 220 mm in length, but 7 layer sanitary pad is 280mm in length and size. This gives women , a maximum protection against stains usually obtained by using ordinary sanitary pad.

The pad can absorb any form of flow without getting filled up , thus , given it an economical benefits unlike ordinary sanitary pad.

Seven layers sanitary pad is highly unique due to its

1.magnetic , Negative ion and far infrared healthy high -tech chip attached in the pad.
2.Cotton lavender and refreshing mint,
3. Breathable bottom layer ,
4.quick release of moisture.
5. Super soft cotton.surface , and
6.ultra -thin layers , for maximum comfort and super quick water – absorbent , cotton surface absorbs liquid five times faster . super absorbent polymer, composite paper with high absorptive capacity . keep cool and dry, for the whole day.

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