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Son rewords his parent with a new home

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Schon Miller and his wife, Jeannie, surprised his parents with a fully-furnished granny flat at their home in Bremen, a village in the county of Ohio in the United States, and their emotional reaction was caught on video.

A video was shared on social media which showed Bonnie and George Mille, both 87, breaking down in tears over their son’s surprise.

According to News24, Miller and Jeannie turned their basement into a granny flat for his parents after Bonnie fell and broke her shoulder.

At first, the couple looked for a new house with a “mother-in-law suite”, but after no success, they decided to blow a hole in their basement and convert it into a flat.

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MimiPost reporters gathered Miller and Jeannie did not want either parent to be placed into a care home because they would not be able to live without one another.

Son surprises parents with home, emotional reaction caught on video Source: UGC “We’d been talking about it with mom for a while because we knew they were leaning on each other.

One can’t live alone without the other and we didn’t want either one to end up in a nursing home,” he said. Now, the elderly couple would be together in a safe environment where their son and daughter-in-law can help them with daily tasks.


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